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Let Food Be Our First Medicine

Stacy, RVT, is our Nutrition Counselor. Stacy loves to help pets stay healthy through good nutrition. There are many medical conditions that can be managed just by feeding your pet the right kind of food. Book an appointment with Stacy to talk to her about the best diet for your pet.

Fleas, Ticks and Heartworm

Some parasites are not just a health risk, they can cause fatal illnesses. It's easy to protect your pet. We don't use a one size fits all approach, we suggest preventative options based on your preferences and your pet's needs. Prevention is so much easier than cure. The tick population in this area has significantly increased over the past two years. We recommend a multi-modal approach for the prevention of tick borne diseases: Try to stay away from tick habitat (long grass, leaf layer, bush), tick check and prompt removal of any ticks found and use a prevention product. Please note, using a tick prevention product does not mean you should skip the first two recommendations.

Blue Springs Animal Rehabilitation Center

Blue Springs Animal Rehabilitation Center is located in the lower level of the building and offers customized rehabilitation and fitness plans. Rehabilitation will require referral by your veterinarian. Blue Springs also offers canine boarding recreational swimming packages, puppy play time, weight loss and conditioning programs, laser therapy, massage therapy and group play time for your furry friends. Click on the link below to reach  their website for more information or call 519-929-9222



For flea, tick and heartworm medication

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